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Keith Morehouse

So, THIS is the result of the survey we responded to last year ?  They did the absolute minimum to address the analog v digital question.  Since you can still only work a guy once per band, these new "analog only" categories will have minimal opportunity for Qs.  I foresee them being a dismal failure, with scores maybe 10% of the mixed mode entries.

it's almost like the "contest advisory" people thought, "Lets just do lip service to all those old fogies out there who don't like digital contesting - See, we threw a SSB/CW party and nobody came"  Nothing to see here - move on...

I'm not advocating for rules changes any more - it is what it is, a technology limited version of contesting where one's pileup skills and rate capability, so important in most contesting, is negated by how many digital sequences you and everybody else can fit in each hour.


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On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 12:42 PM James Duffey <JamesDuffey@...> wrote:
The latest ARRL Contest Bulletin contains an announcement (see below) that a new analog only subcategory has been added to the June VHF contest for the SOHP, SOLP, SO3B and SOP categories.  See the cut and paste from the bulletin below.  You still work a station only once per band regardless of mode (no change).  The new category is intended to address those contest participates who wish to use only SSB/CW allowing them to not have to compete with those who are also use digital modes (or perhaps only digital modes), plus it creates a category of contest stations that you can only worked by using SSB/CW. - Duffey KK6MC

Contest Bulletin Announcement
New Categories Added to ARRL June VHF ContestParticipants in the Single Operator categories for the June VHF Contest can now enter in All Mode (which includes all digital modes) or Analog-Only (CW and SSB/FM) subcategories. The ARRL Programs and Services Committee, with guidance from the Contest Advisory Committee, has approved this rule change in response to the survey that was sent to participants of ARRL VHF contests late last year. For full rules and details, visit

James Duffey
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