Re: N7GP/R Jan Vhf Contest plans

Michael Daly

WE should all be sharing phone numbers so we can coordinate better,
Mike, n5esj
Gallup, NM DM 55pm
 505 870 3430

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 11:16 AM Tom <wa8wzg@...> wrote:
To All...
For JAN contest this weekend ...
I will be starting in DM31 At 1700 UTC,, BEFORE contest starts I will be
on 50.265 MSK144 me 1st CM on and also FT8 around 2000 Hz DF... I will
be there until  2100 UTC  which is after contest starts.

Then I will move to DM32, DM33, DM42, DM43, and work the 4 grids until
around  0100  UTC  Saturday night,, then head to DM 34 and POSSIBLY DM
44 depending on the DM44...
  I will returning to DM42 late night  and will be running MSK 50.260
over night from DM42, and DM32..

Sunday morning I will start at 1500 in DM42, then DM43, DM33, and DM32,
and will circle those grids spending 2 hours in each until and circling
until end of contest.

I will have all bands 6 meters thru 10 GHz ,,

Digital modes on 6, 2, and 432 only..

Cw, SSB and FM on ALL bands,,
I will be on Rover Slack and this email
And cell# is please get with me for ANY skeds or if
you want to try a contact..
Good luck to everyone..
Hope to work MANY of you ,,
6 meter Beacon 50.070 DM42dw
and others see WWW.AZVHF.ORG for details

Michael Daly
1408 Linda Drive
Gallup, NM 87301-5616

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