AA5PR/R contest roving

John Klem

I'll be out this weekend for the contest.  My plan, with many possibilities for deviations, is this:

1900Z-1930Z    DM55xs
2100Z-2300Z    DM56wd
0115Z-0245Z    DM66kb

1615Z to at least 1900Z    DM53uv
My morning in DM53 is mainly an attempt to work into southern AZ.  I may stop elsewhere in DM53/64 with a better shot into Albuquerque on the way home.

This time I'll have 6, 2, 432, and (new!) 1296.  All modes.

I'll be on Slack (both NMVHF and VHF-Chat), and welcome messages there or via text to 505-373-4671.  Cell coverage might not be good in DM53uv.  I'll also be trying to report my position via aprs.fi, but that will probably fail for DM53.

Good luck,

John, AA5PR/R

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