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No location, we're just spitballing at this point, but it's real enough that I thought it worth mentioning here on the list.  My roof (or just above up on the tower) is in the shadow of Pajarito, so aiming half the power in that direction using an omni doesn't make an enormous amount of sense.   But I'm close with RMHAM and may be able to pull off some magic and get installed up on Pajarito on the tower up there, or maybe at another site at Sandia Peak.   Tackling the easiest bits first is where the antenna comes in.   That said, I've never had to hold a 0.003" tolerance, but have done much better than that for the fun of it.  Camera mounts for an old LANL project out to the limits of my calipers at whatever the temperature of the shop was at the time as an example.  The trick will involve doing some test cuts and see where they measure and adjusting from there.  With 6' of material, there's plenty to experiment with.  I'm also handy with microcontrollers (PIC in particular) and can whip up hardware to control the thing.   I'd be interested in stepping the power down between 3 levels and a CW ID, but running a stepped attenuator over months or years will be problematic.  No moving parts and adjusting input amplitude early in the RF chain with zero moving parts is probably better.  But that's for the future but worth thinking about now, as passively as it might be.

I was thinking roughly 2W but I'll see what's out there on the market.  This will be a long term year long thing should it gain momentum I think.   Input from the group is VERY welcome.  I'm new at all of this stuff.   As comfortable as I might feel at 23cm, 3cm is a world where I have limited capabilities to do any testing.


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Hello all


Very interested in the progress of the 10ghz beacon

Do you have a location where you are going to put it?


I am in the progress of getting my 4ft dish up and 30 watts at the antenna /digital ready

I live in dm25re Bullhead city az

I also go out rover  with 30inch dish and 30  watts / digital ready


I have a 10ghz digital group on facebook

And you are welcome there


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