Re: grid rarity

Keith Morehouse

I went back into the log since 2012, which is when I started operating from DM58.  Here's what I've worked on 6M, all double-hop of course.

FM29 - 21 QSO's
FM28 - 8 QSO's
FM27 - 5 QSO's, all with one station, N3MK
FM26 - 3 QSO's
FM25 - no QSO's

Next row west:

FM18, FM19 - > 20 QSO's per grid
FM17 - 14 QSO's
FM16 - 13 QSO's
FM15 - 1 QSO
FM14 - 3 QSO's
FM13 - none


Keith J Morehouse
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Calmesa Partners G.P.
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On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 3:44 PM, Bruce Draper <bruceaa5b@...> wrote:
In your experience, which is more rare, FM28 or FM29?
Gotta be 28, right? Half of it is water, and the other half is very sparsely populated.

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