Re: September VHF Event

Michael Daly

I will be operating from the home QTH in Gallup, DM55pm. 6 2 & 432 ssb and cw.

Mike, n5sj


Michael Daly

1408 Linda Drive

Gallup, NM 87301-5616

Cell: 505-870-3430

e-mail: arrowengineering1@...




From: <> On Behalf Of John Klem
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2021 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: [nmvhf] September VHF Event


I'll be participating, but probably Saturday only as well, and a very limited rove.  I'll post again when I have it figured out.

John, AA5PR

On 9/7/2021 6:53 PM, Kyle Best, KC0LFQ via wrote:

Wondering if anyone is planning to work the VHF contest this weekend.  I am thinking about going down to Gallinas Peak (DM74cf) on Saturday morning.  See if I can maybe work the locals on 6m, 2m and 70cm back in Albuquerque.  I don't plan to make it an overnight, since I won't have an FT-8 computer setup with my current power budget (45 watt solar panel and a battery), and once the local contacts have been worked, there's not much sense waiting around on 6m for a ssb contact to show up.

I have 23cm, 6cm and 3cm transverters, at ~10mW each, feeding horn antennas, (circuit-board yagi on 23cm) and could take them along to try if anyone will be out roving the south plains.  I doubt I can get back to Abq with them since the Manzano's would be in the way.

Hope to hear some folks around on Saturday.

-- Kyle, KC0LFQ

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