KK6MC/r rove in CQ WW VHF

James Duffey

Here is my schedule for the CQ WW VHF contest.

Saturday July 17, 2021

1800Z - 1930Z DM54 near Ventana Arch (DM54wp for better aiming)

2030Z - 2200Z DM64 Sandstone Bluffs overlook (DM64bw for aiming)

2300Z - 0100Z - DM55 Prewitt exit pullout top of ridge (DM55xh for aiming)

Then I will head home, perhaps with a stop on 9 mile hill (DM65) if band is open or to make a few local QSOs. That would be about 0300Z

Sunday July 18, 2021

1500Z - 1630 Z DM64 Moriarity Airport (DM64xa for aiming)

1700Z - 1900 Z DM75 I40 Westbound rest area (DM75ba for aiming)

1930Z - 2100Z DM74 Torrance county dump access road (DM74bx for aiming)

Times are approximate. Exact arrival and departure times will depend on activity.

I have my WSJT-X issues fixed, so I will operate FT4 (preferably, but doubtfully), FT8 (probably due to activity), CW, & SSB. I will try to go to SSB on the hour and CW on the half hour. I will also go to CW & SSB when the band is open. For locals, I will QSY to 144MHz after we contact on 6M, if you have 2M capability. - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

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