Re: VHF contest experiences?

Kyle Best, KC0LFQ

I worked from the south end of DM66 (DM66na83) on Saturday.  Was able to work almost everyone I heard.  I tried 6m but with 20 watts and SSB it was a no-go, except a single contact with KK6MC on the Crest.  My 222 transverter was able to hear well, and had good copy on the folks up there, but doesn't seem to transmit well, so a project for another time.  Without digital on 6m, not much point in even taking the antenna, since it seems like the SSB area is vacant or sparse.  Definitely need to work on my CW for future contests; not super confident in my accuracy for contest purposes.
All in all, a good time.  Not quite as many contacts as I got from Madgelena Ridge in DM63 last year, but VLA is running experiments on 222 and 432, so asked not to use those bands (and anything higher) within line-of-site of their dishes.  That's what drove my move to DM66.  May shop around for other sites for Sept.


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