Re: VHF contest experiences?

Tom N7GP

I went to DM31 at 5 am before contest to try to help a few that need that grid for FFMA,, on 6 meter..
To my surprised the band was open and in great shape until 4 pm,so that was a BIG plus for me,,
Sunday a bust on 6 meters,, and even with our rover swarm here in AZ,, it was SO HOT 117 degrees,,it was all we could do do try to get any propagation on the bands above 1.2 ghz,,
it was hard on all of , equipment AND bodies...
Glad I had a good run in DM31!!

On 2021-06-18 14:20, John Klem wrote:
Saturday was a pretty good day. I was able to work quite a few in all
directions on 6 m FT8 from the DM56/66 line south of Bloomfield, then
moved to just DM66 for more. I had a few SSB QSOs to 6 land in the
evening, but despite huge signals just couldn't sustain that.
I came home, got 4 hours sleep, and then drove to the DM85/86 line
between Tucumcari and Clayton for a late start Sunday. Things were
much tougher there, with marginal conditions on 6 m and almost no cell
service. I was informed by a polite but humorless rancher that the
first spot I operated from, which I thought was a county road, was a
private road. The second spot was right next to power lines that were
somewhat noisy. To top it off, my 6 m antenna developed an electrical
problem (that I haven't yet had the right combination of time and
courage to fully investigate) that required me to quit in the late
I had zero QSOs above 6 m, which is a real problem considering the
additional effort required to carry antennas for 2 and 432. So I will
be addressing that one way or another in future contests.
161 QSO points, 83 multipliers, 13,363 points, give or take.
John, AA5PR/R
On 6/18/2021 6:24 AM, Bruce Draper wrote:

Several of you went out roving or expeditioning for the contest last
weekend (WØAMT, N7GP, AA5PR, KK6MC, ...), and probably others
operated from home. How'd it go?
-Bruce AA5B/3

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