Re: VHF contest experiences?


I was at the K5QE limited multi-op (6/2/222/432) in EM31 (Texas) and spent most of the time on 6m. The Es was not very good for most of Saturday, but FT8 worked nicely in the marginal conditions yielding plenty of multipliers. Exactly what it was designed for. We had a nice ssb run on Sunday morning when I was sleeping. I stayed up the entire previous night working MSK144 meteor scatter and it was very productive. I also made about a dozen FT4 QSOs during the contest when conditions allowed and activity was there. We did work a few NM grids, but propagation was largely into the east coast and midwest, at least when I was operating. 

Lost the 6m amplifier just 8 minutes into the contest, but they had a direct replacement installed and running within 20 minutes! It was like watching an Indy pit stop. This is a SERIOUS operation. We still wound up with 208 grids on 6m.

Mike WB2FKO EL89

On 6/18/21 8:24 AM, Bruce Draper wrote:

Several of you went out roving or expeditioning for the contest last weekend (WØAMT, N7GP, AA5PR, KK6MC, ...), and probably others operated from home. How'd it go?

    -Bruce AA5B/3

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