Re: Order to vacate 420 to 430 MHz



I afraid what is in the message is all that I know about it. The take-away for me is that if you deploy a system in that range then you are at risk of having to reconfigure your system if you do end up interfering.


On Friday, March 19, 2021, 01:50:03 PM MDT, Daniel Fay <daniel.fay@...> wrote:

FYI -- I'm currently doing some mesh networking experiments with the LoRa waveform on 420-430MHz. This order shouldn't affect me because:

  1. I'm in the Albuquerque Far NE Heights area, so White Sands should be well past the radio horizon.
  2. The transmitters are sitting no higher than 2m above the ground.
  3. They are transmitting at a maximum of 1W, with antennas that have <3dBi of gain (they're HT duck antennas).
  4. The PSD is fairly low because it's spread spectrum (CSS with a bandwidth of at least 125KHz, and some slow (per-packet) FHSS in some cases as well).

If you think this order does apply to what I'm doing, let me know, and I'll change frequencies. The LoRa radios can operate anywhere in the 70cm band. 

Also, is this change permanent? I was considering eventually emplacing a few network nodes across the ABQ metro area to evaluate coverage.



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