ARRL VHF test "3 BAND" category

Keith Morehouse

I think it's humorous that a lot of folks still think there is a HIGH POWER category as a subset of the 3 BAND class.

But, it brings up a question.  I, personally, would be all over a category like 3 BAND HIGH POWER.  3 band is a natural for where I live and, already having amplifiers to compete in the traditional high-power class (the big-boy class....wink wink nudge nudge), I'm not going to put them aside and take the BIG hit out here in the wilderness of trying to work "locals" 200 miles away with 100W on 432 or, our bread and butter 6M scatter with low power.

What do others think about petitioning the CAC to add a HIGH POWER subcategory to 3 BAND ?  It certainly wouldn't diminish the traditional (it's been around long enough that I can call it that) 3 band class - it gives people the choice, just like the all-band categories.  But, it WOULD open up, in my opinion, pretty intense competition for a BUNCH of guys who know they CAN NOT win the regular high power class which is pretty much dominated by one or two stations, time after time after time.  I'm not denigrating the skill and engineering talent required to pull off a top all band high power station - I salute that.  But, unless you live in a very select area of the country, with plenty of stations to work above 1296 MHz, all the gear and skill in the world will do you no good.

I would welcome a 3 BAND HIGH POWER category and I believe it just might invigorate my rapidly diminishing desire to VHF contest, in general .  Anybody else have an opinion ?


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
Olathe, CO

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