Jan VHF contest roving plan

John Klem

Here's what I'm thinking:


1900Z DM76xv (Truchas Overlook)
2200Z DM66wa


1500Z DM74xv
1900Z DM84at
2300Z DM85fa

I am not particularly attached to this plan, so if someone else wants to take a crack at any of these (especially DM76 and DM66) just let me know and I'll adjust.

Times are all approximate and depend on activity, need for sleep, my judgement of evening Es probability, etc.  I believe I'll have cell service everywhere except DM84, so I'll be on NMVHF Slack chat to start but probably move to VHF-Chat Slack rover-raregrid when it's slow.

I'll have the usual setup with 6/2/432, all modes.


John, AA5PR

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