Re: Q65, newest WSJT mode


When will it be available to to public?  What freqs wiil be used?




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From: Keith Morehouse
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I got a copy of the devel program and messed around with it for a little bit on 6M.  Q65 appears superior to FT8 on ionoscatter and any weak path were meteor bursts would screw up FT8 decodes.


I suspect it will be at least equal to FT8 on 2M and above.  The downside is the bandwidth of the Q65 signal when running 15 second sequences is 400 Hz.  You could get 10 FT8 signals in that same BW.


"Dead Band Conditions" is kinda a tease.  Well equipped 6M stations can work each other on ionoscatter out to 1000 miles almost any time.  The band may be "dead" for sporadic E, but it's hardly "dead".




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On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 7:54 AM Bruce Draper <bruceaa5b@...> wrote:

“Q65 will enable stations with a modest Yagi and 100 W or more and to work one another on 6 meters at distances up to ~1600 kilometers at most times, in dead band conditions.”
More here:

    -Bruce AA5B


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