432 amplifier for sale

Keith Morehouse

I have a 432 cavity amplifier that is ready to go. It's tuned, proven and has QSOs on it. It's a single Eimac 8874 in a Varian cavity and will do 475W out with about 20W of drive.  This is a linear amp, not Class C FM.

The catch is it does not have a high voltage (or filament) supply. I used the supply from an old HF amplifier which ran two of the same tubes and simply hard wired the HV, filament, bias and control to the cavity amp. Any power supply running in the 2000-2500V range and capable of, say, 500 mA would do fine. No T/R relay is included, but a super low loss LP filter is. I have a spare cavity that could be included to sweeten the deal.

It's a 'project' for sure, but an inexpensive way to generate decent smash on 432. The whole thing could be yours for $300. I have extra 8874's also, which are a negotiable part of the deal. I guess it's shippable, but I'd rather not.


Keith Morehouse
via MotoG

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