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Keith Morehouse

Ask and you shall receive.

The attachment is a spot search on W5UHF from DX Summit, using a start date of 1995.  You'll note the last entry is 2009 and probably the previous owner, who I didn't know.  There is another page, but this page answers my question.

With the rise of Skimmers for CW spots and PSKReporter for WSJT spots, both feeding into aggregators like DX Summit, I find it VERY unlikely W5UHF has been used for any period of time on either of those modes.  The QSO in question must have been a very unlikely error or .......


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On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 8:53 AM Bob Kmak <bobkmak@...> wrote:
Hi Arne,

I totally agree and expect that I would be notified if anyone was going to use the call. I don’t believe it was a valid contact but wanted to try to make sure that no one was using our club call on 160m. I’m going to return the card.

As far as a pirate using the call that’s more difficult. I’ll look into it as much as I can- if anyone sees our call showing up in spots please let me know.


Bob K5WO

> On Nov 9, 2020, at 1:10 PM, ARNE GJERNING <n7ka@...> wrote:
> AS trustee you are responsible for all actions as the result of someone using the call.  Therefore you should control use closely.  No NMVHF club member should be using the call UNLESS you have authorized another club member to use it for an event.  Technically, this means if I would like to use the W5UHF call in a VHF contest I must first ask you and receive permission to do so from you.  And it would be a good idea to keep  aa log of call use. 
> To that end you should consider publishing a note to all members that use of W5UHF requires a request and approval from you.
> Now for that W6GLN?? QSL  request, advise him no one was AUTHORIZED to  use the call.
> And W9RM is right, how can you  mess up  a call in FT8 when the call is derived by setup data in the computer
> Arne N7KA

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