Re: AA5PR/R Sept. contest rove

Jonesy W3DHJ

On Wed, 16 Sep 2020, John Klem wrote:

Hi Jim,

Did you connect with Jon, W0AMT/R, in DM76?


On 9/15/2020 7:51 PM, KC7QY wrote:

Yes, this was a tough Sept Test. I ended up with just 16Qs in 16
grids (256 pts). All the Qs were in DM except for one in EM00 and
Rafa in XE. Only managed one 2M Q with a portable on Mag Ridge! Lot
of the regulars were MIA this time around. Sorry DM76 turned out to
be a bust.

I was given a Heads Up by someone on the Colorado Front Slope about
W0AMT/R (... maybe not until Sunday.) I was 'alert' for his sig, but
I never caught even a suspect sig from DM76. It's a shame, because
Rovers need little successes like that to remain encouraged about
going out The Next Time. :-)

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