AA5PR/R Sept. contest rove

John Klem

I'll have to say, this one was hard.  I heard absolutely no hint of any opening on 6 m.  Despite my cell carrier claiming service in the area, they had none, so I had no way of coordinating contacts.  That left a lot band/mode/heading combinations for what should have been some relatively easy contacts, so they didn't happen.

Over half my contacts were on 6 m meteor scatter, which is difficult with 100 W and a Moxon.  I amused (?) myself with the observation that in a typical QSO I probably had 10-20 decodes of my partner for each he had of me.

My intended operating and camping spot in DM76 turned out to be accessible only by a stretch of 2-track mud through grass, so I had to settle for a site with an unfavorable southern horizon.

On the bright side:

I had a higher than usual proportion of contacts above 6 m. Jonesy, W3DHJ/R, helped a lot, contributing more than a quarter of my score.  I was able to give new FFMA grids to several people. No major equipment failures.  The weather was great.  The night sky was dark.  And there were little owls all over.

30 QSO points, 25 mults, 750 points

The picture shows the best available accommodations in the area.

John, AA5PR

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