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James Duffey

At one time there was a rather large, ominous, and fairly lengthy and specific No Trespassing sign at the gate, which,  oddly enough, was left open every time when I was there. If I recall correctly, that land was a joint UNM/NMGFP field research facility, but I am not sure of that.  I have operated from the gate, never ventured beyond It.If it is BLM land, the public should have access to it though. 

The dump site isn’t bad and on weekends there is not much traffic. But, there are some kooks who live in the area who on one or two occasions consumed a large amount of my time when they stopped by, as well as the occasional irate person who stops by and demands to know why the dump isn’t open. But there are no smells or anything. 

There was a good site by the gravel pit south off Stagecoach and Martinez, which, when I first started going out I operated a lot from. It was fairly clearly marked on maps as a county road, but about 10 years ago the gravel pit put a gate across the road and it is no longer accessible. 

In DM76, the Truchas overlook/picnic area is pretty good and there is at least one nice high spot with a scenic overlook on the normal road to Taos. - Duffey

James Duffey KK6MC
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DM74CX59LK :  I have operated from this spot 2-3 times.  If you need more space to put up antennas you might be able to go slightly further east beyond the gate on Martinez Road.  I was told by a NM Game and Fish guy that the gate is not locked, but I've never tested that.  My impression is that land to the east is BLM or other public access, but the horizon to the east degrades slowly as you go east.  Watch out for rattlesnakes.  Good cell coverage and not much traffic.  Horizon looks slightly worse than the DM74bx dump site (I have never been there)...but no dump.

John AA5PR

On 8/17/2020 2:39 PM, Michael Daly wrote:

Does anyone know a good portable set up location for either of those two grids. We could possibly deploy 2 meter and 432 beams and a 6 meter dipole from one of these grids.

Mike, n5sj


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We're about 3 1/2 weeks out from the September contest.  I'm hoping I can talk someone into visiting both DM74 & DM76 with 6M and WSJT capability (just in case..).  Of course, we can work on 2, 222 & 432 also !


I need a 6M confirmation for DM76 .  That's one of the last handful of grids I need for FFMA (that's all 488 domestic grids worked on 6).  I also need a 6M DM74 contact for another award.


Both these grids have easy access to known good locations and we shouldn't have any trouble at all working, as long as you have at least a Moxon (or better..) and 100W (or more - more is good !)  I have worked rovers from DM74 in the past on CW or SSB and DM76 is a far better site.  Having WSJT capabilities will cover us if things are "bad".


What say, anyone ?



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