Re: ARRL September VHF contest

Michael Daly

Does anyone know a good portable set up location for either of those two grids. We could possibly deploy 2 meter and 432 beams and a 6 meter dipole from one of these grids.

Mike, n5sj


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Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 1:44 PM
Subject: [nmvhf] ARRL September VHF contest


We're about 3 1/2 weeks out from the September contest.  I'm hoping I can talk someone into visiting both DM74 & DM76 with 6M and WSJT capability (just in case..).  Of course, we can work on 2, 222 & 432 also !


I need a 6M confirmation for DM76 .  That's one of the last handful of grids I need for FFMA (that's all 488 domestic grids worked on 6).  I also need a 6M DM74 contact for another award.


Both these grids have easy access to known good locations and we shouldn't have any trouble at all working, as long as you have at least a Moxon (or better..) and 100W (or more - more is good !)  I have worked rovers from DM74 in the past on CW or SSB and DM76 is a far better site.  Having WSJT capabilities will cover us if things are "bad".


What say, anyone ?



Keith J Morehouse
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Calmesa Partners G.P.
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