Re: FT8 performance (or, lack of) on 432

John Klem

Do you see just one (shifting) FT8 signal on 432, or more than one?  I'm wondering if you also see a stationary signal.  If it's aircraft, I'd also expect that it would eventually disappear, or sometimes you might even see more than one.  There are ways to track planes online so you might be able to correlate what you see with what's flying.

I don't know enough about ISCAT to guess about the utility of that, but...don't shoot...have you considered FT4?  The TX period is nearly 3x shorter, and tone spacing about 4x that of FT8.  This suggests the decoder could be a lot more tolerant of frequency drift, if you can live with the S/N penalty.  At that point you're probably also in the ballpark of being able to use CW, right?

John AA5PR

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