Re: CQ WW VHF Result


Like just about everybody, I experienced rapid fading throughout the contest that made most of the FT8 QSOs a real struggle. Or not complete at all. Many others have suggested that getting ops off 50.313 was needed for these conditions, but we just couldn't seem to get a critical mass. I was monitoring and calling on SSB and FT4 with very little success. This was certainly not the case for the June contest, perhaps because propagation was clearly much better and activity higher.

NM stations worked: AA5B, WD5COV, AA5PR/R in DM63, KC7QY, and possibly KK6MC. QSB prevented me from hearing an acknowledgement of my RRR on FT8, but I logged it anyway.

163 QSOs, 104 grids, 16,952 points claimed. Single band, low power.

Same setup as in June: 6M5X on 15 ft mast in front yard. Armstrong rotor. Had two extended shutdowns for T-storms, but such is life in Florida.

Mike WB2FKO EL89

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