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Bill Mader, K8TE

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Although not about Elecraft products:

I thought there may be some 6m ops on the list looking to work Alaska (KL7).

I will be on with 3-element yagi pointed to the West Coast of the US running
80w on 50.313 (900-Hz) FT8.  I will be using "Contest Mode" which
exchanges four-digit grid squares instead of signal
report.  <>

Normally run even (first) sequence to work West Coast that normally
are on odd (second) sequence.  But either sequence OK as I will adapt.

Opening last Sunday netted several stations in Pac NW for me.  But I
have seen CO, NM, TX, and AL

73, Ed - KL7UW
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On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 8:40 AM Jonesy W3DHJ via <> wrote:
The current prediction is for 102 degrees on Saturday.
Sunday's prediction isn't much better.  Whewwwww!!

I'll be doing DM88 - DM87 - DM77 - DM78, in that sequence on Sat.

I may stay out late enough on Saturday to see the NEOWISE comet...   :-)

I'll be doing DM78 - DM77 - DM87 - DM88, in that sequence on Sun.

If Saturday shows it to be just an FT4/FT8 Computer Contest,
I will probably blow off any Sunday operations.

More details:

May The Mask be with you.
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