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Bill Mader

Wonderful job again Duffey!  Thanks for doing this as it brings great value to those who strive to do well in the contest.

We are fortunate in NM to have you, along with Bruce and Scott authors of the awesome SS-SSB coverage, who put in a lot of time and effort on these contest summaries.  While it's hard to believe, uninformed hams (they can't count pages apparently) think there is too much contest coverage in QST now!  I think the additional coverage on the Web is appropriate and greatly appreciated.  Reading that coverage should be part of everyone's contest preparation checklist.

While not VHF and above, I hope to work many of you in the IARU HF Championship Contest this weekend.

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Telling a story, not just reporting a contest.
73, Mike, n5sj

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That was one hell of a write-up you did for the 2020 ARRL JAN VHF!
I can't even imagine the amount of time and effort that you put into that!

I thank you.  I'm sure we all thank you.
Good on you, mate!

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